Tournament Rules

WEIGHT CLASSES: 15 Weights – 5 Pound Allowance

100(105) – 106(111) – 113(118) – 120(125) – 126(131) – 132(137) – 138(143) – 145(150) – 152(157) – 160(165) – 170(175) – 182(187) – 195(200) – 220(225) – 285(290)

One Time Weigh-In


Jazz Town Duals is a High School Division Tournament – Not All Star. No Graduated Seniors. The majority of team members should attend the same high school and ALL members of the team must be registered members of the same Wrestling Club. We do not allow teams to add members from other teams in order to “stack” their team. Please respect the “spirit of the rule”.  


High School Club: All members from the same school with the exception of 4 wrestlers and anyone farmed in by the tournament to fill line-up

Satellite Club: ALL MEMBERS Officially Registered with same club (proof of registration) and 70% of the 18 members must attend the same high school – with the exception of wrestlers farmed in by the tournament to fill holes

Operating Under Exception: Weaker teams/clubs who request an exception from the tournament purely to field a team – note not eligible for a top 8 seed for day 2 – Team Must Request and Be Given Permission From Tournament Director At Least 4 Weeks in Advance.

Weigh-Ins And Entry Fee

This year teams will fill in a weigh-in sheet prior to showing up Club Affiliation and High School of Attendance

Registration for the tournament is $500 per Squad paid before March 31 – $600 after March 31. A Squad consists of 10 to 18 wrestlers.  Additional wrestlers may be added for $35 each. There is no maximum for the number of additional team members you may have.

Individuals may enter the tournament at a fee of $35 and will be placed into the farm system to wrestle on a team.

Floor Passes

Each team is limited to 4 floor passes for coaches and 1 media pass. Coaches floor passes may not be exchanged or used by anyone else other then the 4 names submitted. If a team is caught passing off a coaching wrist band that band will be taken and the team will be left with one less for the remainder of the weekend. If an abuse of the media pass is found then the media pass will also be revoked.


It is common and welcome for teams to enter an “A” and “B” team. Members of the Designated “A” team May NOT wrestle down onto the B team. Members of the B team may ONLY wrestle up onto the A team in the event of an injury, confirmed by the tournament trainer AND only if the A team has no other wrestler available at that weight.


The tournament will run a farm system so that coaches may farm out extra wrestlers from their team and may farm in wrestlers where they have holes in there line-up. It will be each coach’s discrection as to who they farm out.


All Matches will be 2 Minute Rounds. We will follow COLLEGE out of bounds rules.

Jazz Town Duals brings in one of the BEST OFFICIATING CREWS IN THE COUNTRY.


Seniors who have graduated from high school, may not compete at Jazz Town Duals.